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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Evaluating HP Quick Test Professional - Part 1

To get a free 14 day evaluation version of Quick Test Professional (QTP) I went to the main HP website and searched for QTP. On the search result page, on the left, under Recommended links, was a link for Download a free evaluation of QuickTest Professional 10.0 as well as a link for Download a free evaluation of Quality Center 10.0.

Clicking the QTP link takes you to a login page. If you don't have an HP login you can create one (it is free). Once logged in you will be taken to a page where you can download a ZIP file containing the installer for QTP.

Installation guide is 108 pages long but generally speaking, if you have read the Product Availability Matrix (PAM) and know the technology you are going to automate is supported, the installer is very straight forward.

When you run the installer it asks what you want to install, QTP, and you follow the prompts. If there is anything not installed, e.g. Visual Studio 2005 runtime distributable, the installer will let you know and give you the option to install the necessary files.

After QTP is installed a second installer will ask about installing additional requirements. You can usually go with the defaults. I noticed that the documentation talks about support for IE8 Beta 2. At this time IE8 is a fully released product. Additionally, the second installer recommends downloading and installing the Microsoft Script Debugger. IE8 includes a script debugger and development tool bar. If you are using IE8 I would recommend not downloading and installing the script debugger as it is not necessary and might actually interfere with the IE8 built-in debugger.

Additionally, the second installer will install the License Wizard. There is no license for the 14 day free trial period. If you are using the 14 day free trial, you can skip this since you will not have a license key to complete the installation.

Once the installation is finished, there will be a shortcut to run QTP on the desktop.

On the Start menu you will find:
  • Start Menu
    • Programs
      • QuickTest Professional
        • Documentation
          • Printer-Friendly Documentation
          • QuickTest Automation Reference
          • QuickTest Professional Code Samples Plus
          • QuickTest Professional Help
          • Tutorial
        • Extensibility
          • Documentation
            • .Net Add-in Windows Form Extensibility Help
            • Delphi Add-in Extensibility Help
            • Java Add-in Extensibility Help
            • Web Add-in Extensibility Help
        • Sample Applications
          • Flight
          • Mercury Tours Web site
        • Tools
          • Additional Installation Requirements
          • HP Micro Player
          • License Validation Utility
          • Password Encoder
          • QuickTest Script Editor
          • Register New Browser Control
          • Remote Agent
          • Save and Restore Settings
          • Silent Test Runner
          • Test Batch Runner
          • Test Result Deletion Tool
        • Check for Updates
        • QuickTest Professional
        • Readme
        • Test Results Viewer

The obvious starting point would be reading the Tutorial. This will be part 2 of my evaluation.

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