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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On the move again

Decided the job at Certicom was not right for me. Whenever I am looking for a job I spend as much time preparing and interviewing the company as they spend interviewing me. I want to be sure that I'm a good fit for the company and the company is a good fit for me.

Just like a company, I use the probationary period to decide if I am going to stay with the company. There was no one reason I felt I didn't fit in but quantity if small things made me realize I would never be quite happy.

So I'm no longer commuting to Mississauga and taken a new job within walking distance of my home.

Monday, October 4th I start my new job working at the Ministry of Education. Not sure which technologies I'll be working with just yet but I will try to blog about them here.

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